Here are some questions we often get asked when parents are considering where to take up their child’s funded hours:

“What is the different between a school nursery and a private setting in terms of learning and development?”

There isn’t a difference at all! School nurseries and private settings follow the same statutory framework. The Early Years Foundation Stage. In fact, the framework is followed right up to the end of reception! Therefore, the basic principles of the planning here and elsewhere are the same.

Here at Mucky Munchkins Childcare Ltd, we use the “In the Moment” approach. This ensures that your child’s current interests, next steps and individual needs are met at all times.

“What about ratios and staff?”

In our pre-school room (Rainbows), we have a ratio of 1 member of staff to every 8 children (aged 3 and over). Within a school nursery school, the ratios go up to 1 member of staff for every 13 children. We offer one on one communication and language interventions throughout the day for those who need this also.

“What about care routines such as toileting?”

At Mucky Munchkins Childcare Ltd, we recognise that not all children will be toilet trained by “pre-school” age and therefore support children to become confident with using the toilet independently in a timescale which suits them. We have changing facilities for those who are not yet using the toilet and work closely with you as their parent to ensure they are being supported consistently at home and at nursery.

“What if my child still needs a nap during the day?”

We have areas for children to relax and have some “calm” time or a nap if they need to. This is great for those children who are adjusting to attending long sessions.

“What about my child making friends with the children who they will be going to reception class with?”

How many friends did your child have when they first started at our nursery? Look at them now! Also, how many times as a parent have you attended a parent toddler group or the park and your child is waving goodbye to their new friend by home time!

Children will always make friends so there is no need to worry.

“But if I choose to keep them at private day nursery, surely it will affect my chance of getting a place in the school’s reception class?”

Not at all! Schools do not have a say where your child(ren) are placed. This is entirely down to the Local Authority and their criteria. We have worked with lots of families over the years who have not received a place in the school despite attending the school nursery for their funded hours.

So, what are the benefits of continuing with my child’s early year’s education at Mucky Munchkins Childcare?

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