I am thrilled to write this testimonial for Mucky Munchkins nursery, as it has truly been an amazing experience for our family. From the moment I walked through the door for the first visit, I knew that I have had found a second home for my son D, who was 9 months old at the time. I have had a very warm welcome and the staff member proudly showed me around and clarified all my questions. I left knowing that I didn’t need to search anywhere else and have found the perfect place. 

All staff and management at Mucky Munchkins are an incredible team of dedicated professionals who genuinely care about each child’s well-being and development. Their warmth and genuine affection create a nurturing environment that is perfect for little ones to thrive in. I also liked the fact that every staff, no matter from which room they are responsible for, they know every child’s name. That for me was very reassuring, particularly when it comes to transitions between stages (Tiny Stars, Little Stars and Rainbows), as D was familiar with all of them and didn’t have any issues to settle in, when he was moving to the next stage.

The curriculum at Mucky Munchkins is nothing short of impressive. It’s designed to be both fun and educational, striking a perfect balance that keeps the children engaged and excited to learn. Their creativity flourish, and their social skills develop, all thanks to the carefully crafted activities and lessons. 

The emphasis on play-based learning has made a significant impact on D’s overall growth. What I hear the most at home is: “Mummy, at nursery they said this…”. Most of the time, he does remember what he has learned. Here are just some examples: one day we got home, and I asked him “Daniel, what is going on with your voice today, it sounds different (maybe because he was too loud that day)”. His reply was: “Mummy, don’t worry. Martin Luther King said it was ok to be different”. I was speechless and certainly was not expecting his reply, but instantly knew where it came from. Or him showing me where the brain, the lungs and the heart are located. Or him knowing that they need to take turns when talking (as they learned at their debate sessions). Or when I ask him to tidy up at home, he will say “Mummy wait, I need to put the tidy up song first”, before he happily goes to do his chores while singing. Every day I am impressed with the new things that he learned at nursery, and I feel that he is more than ready for his next stage…school. 

The facilities at Mucky Munchkins are top-notch, providing a safe and stimulating environment for exploration. The classrooms are bright, well-equipped, and thoughtfully arranged to encourage independent discovery. The outdoor play area is a true highlight, offering ample space for physical activities and imaginative play, particularly the field and the muddy area (Daniel’s favourite places to play).

Communication with the nursery staff has been outstanding. I receive regular updates on Daniel’s progress, as well as insights into his daily activities. When sending messages through the Family app, I get replies very quickly. This open line of communication has helped me feel connected to Daniel’s journey at the nursery, even when we’re not physically present.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Mucky Munchkins to any parent seeking an exceptional early learning experience for their child. The loving environment, engaging curriculum, and strong sense of community make it a place where children truly blossom. Our family is immensely grateful for the positive impact Mucky Munchkins has had on Daniel’s life. Will truly miss them when he moves to reception in September. 

Yours sincerely,


It’s always a huge decision to put your child into the care of ‘strangers’ but from the moment we walked in to look around we felt at ease. The staff are so welcoming and always have time to talk to you. We have felt that nothing is to much, we get daily updates on how our little girl is doing which is lovely and reassuring. 
I also feel that my child’s interests are meet and they constantly strive to push her lear ing and development on. Recently they noticed she was good at maths and then planned activities to not only meet this but challenge her learning, though engaging and creative activities. 
The team also deliver mindfulness daily and have been selected and won awards for this. This is reassuring for a parent as I can see the dedication and commitment that all staff but into giving all the children the best possible start. 

The main reason that we know Mucky Munchkins is special is because our daughter is happy, excited and can not wait to tell us all about her day when we pick her up.

We came to look around the nursery at the end of December last year. We loved the nursery and all the staff we met straight away! I love that it’s not massive and they get the kids outside as often as they can. I was so nervous about putting my baby in nursery (as I’m sure every first time mum is) I felt reassured and confident we had made the right choice. They are always doing lots of different activities, trying different food. In the two months she has been there and can’t believe the difference in her and how much she has come on with her eating, walking, bum shuffling. 
I would have do doubt at all about recommending mucky munchkins x

‘Our daughter has been coming to MM since she was about 10 months old and we couldn’t have asked for a more nurturing, stimulating environment for her to grow and develop. Her development has been incredible and it’s all thanks to the environment the staff provide. All the children receive so much love and care every day and I’ll be forever grateful. My daughter leaves for school this September and has already said she wants to come back to visit in the school holidays which says it all :-). Wonderful nursery’

My daughter absolutely loves nursery

It is fantastic to hear your daughter ask to go to nursery and get excited in the car to see all her friends and even staff 

MM is a great nursery, the level of activities T does daily is second to none

They have the best outdoor space and they have the children out everyday 

My daughter has special bonds with staff and reacts the way she reacts when she sees me when she arrives at nursery which I love 

The management at nursery are so genuine and down to earth it makes you feel relaxed and comfortable as of speaking to friends/family

I would recommend MM to any of my friends and have done so many times already 

Thank you for making my daughter feel so happy at nursery

What can we say about Mucky munchkins other than we consider it to be an extension of our family. Our boys N and E absolutely love going to nursery and that’s because of the fantastic team that care for them. Right from the off the atmosphere just felt right and we love how interactive the learning is for our ‘munchkins’. We often comment on how many activities seem to be fit in in the time they are there….each one being a different, fun and interactive way of developing them step by step. The smiles on our boys faces tell us all we need to know. Thanks Jen, Clare and team you’re the best.xx

Our son M is now 16 months and has been going to Mucky Munchkins since January. We couldn’t speak highly enough about our experience since he started. Bigger than any testimonial I can give, M can’t wait to get inside everyday . As soon as he pulls up he’s smiling and giggly, and that’s testament to the amazing staff that look after him. He runs off when we drop him off without a glance back, and that’s exactly what we want . The range of activities are absolutely incredible and the staff are kind enough to update us with photos every day. Everytime M has a minor fall or a bang on the head, the staff update us immediately, and have all the required forms ready for us to sign when we get there. I’m a very very cautious parent and worry about M’s health and safety constantly . But I can honestly say I couldn’t have more confidence in the staff than I do: and never ever worry about his safety when he’s at nursery.

All the staff in his room are a credit to the nursery: friendly ; welcoming and all seem to genuinely care about M; much more than just the job and you can tell. 

Also recently my wife’s mother passed away. All the staff knew when it was the funeral and passed on their best wishes . They also made a card from M for my wife. These little touches go above and beyond and really make you feel part of the family of it all. 

We picked mucky munchkins initially after an extremely thorough study of the local area and they came out top of everyone’s recommendations, and it’s very easy to see why. 

We also made the choice for M not to eat meat. This can be restrictive in some places; but the range of variety of food provided for M has been brilliant. All the staff from the nursery room, to the cook, are amazing and also welcome M enthusiastically every morning. It’s just a great place, that we are absolutely delighted with . 

Thank you

Jay and Joy Murray. M’s parents

A joined mucky munchkins in September 2021 . The nursery and all staff are warm and welcoming and A has loved every minute of his time spent with his friends and staff. We love the outdoor space the nursery provides, the children spend a lot of time in the outdoor play area and garden. 
A often comes home telling us about his fun filled days and the people/world events the children have been learning about. 
The family app is fantastic, we get daily updates and photos of group activities and individual things A has done which is great and puts my mind to rest knowing he is learning and thriving every day he is in nursery. 
A loves the home cooked meals the nursery provide, we are often updated on the app that he has eaten all his lunch and snacks given during the day. 
All in all we can’t fault Mucky Munchkins nursery and the care and support they provide for our son. 
Suzanne and Aaron Hamilton

Our daughter changed nursery settings to Mucky Munchkins in January, after 18 months at another nursery and we couldn’t be happier. She was made to feel so welcome from the very beginning and the setting is very homely. She settled quickly and she will tell you herself that she prefers her ‘new’ nursery.

The time spent outdoors is phenomenal and the activities that the children take part in each day are interesting and thought provoking and keep little minds stimulated, intrigued and excited.

We love that Mucky Munchkins is independently run and this was an important factor in our choice to send our child here. It was also the reason we chose to leave the previous setting following a takeover by a large chain, as the dedication and passion feels stronger and more authentic at Mucky Munchkins.

Mucky munchkins is a fantastic Nursery, H loves every single day and has so much fun. So much thought and care goes into all the activities that are planned each day. The staff really take an interest into the children’s likes and dislikes and plan activities around those. You can really see how much thought and care goes into all the planning. They do so much with the children and I love the fact I as a parent can be a part of this by seeing the daily updates and photos in the app.
When I drop H off I know she will have a great day, she knows everyone by name and talks about them regularly especially her Key Workers Britney and Elisse. They all genuinely care about my daughter and I know she’s in amazing hands. It is a nursery full of love ❤️

We moved our daughter to Mucky Munchkins a year ago when we were looking for a nursery that would give her the best care and support her development and we made the right choice. The staff are warm and welcoming and have made close bonds with our daughter . They took time to help her settle in and we’ve been so impressed with all of the many creative and outdoor activities they do.
Our child has grown in confidence and blossomed under their care. Mucky Munchkins is a safe environment where kids are encouraged to get messy and play and there are lots of activities around emotional development and preparing for school with phonics and handwriting practice.
The staff always take the time to listen to any behavioural or developmental issues at home and offer support and suggestions.
Mucky Munchkins is a great nursery with a dedicated and hard working team who do all they can to make every day fun and creative for the children in their care.

The team at Mucky Munchkins are absolutely fantastic and try their hardest to ensure that all children are in a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment. My son was diagnosed with ADS shortly after starting at Mucky Munchkins and Jen the SENCo has gone above and beyond since day 1 to help us get his diagnosis and the support that he needs. The team try their absolute hardest to ensure that A is safe at all times and ensure that he has the interventions he needs to help his development. Im really grateful for the time that A has spent at Mucky Munchkins and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the nursery to any other parents. Thanks for everything!!

J started at Mucky Munchkins in September when he was only 9 months old, I had no experience of the nursery prior to sending him and was really nervous as I still felt like he was too young to go but knew due to lockdown he needed more stimulation and social interaction than he was getting at home, there was something about it when I looked round that gave me a great feeling and we knew it was the right choice for us. J has settled better than I could imagine, he is excited when he sees Britney in a morning and doesn’t want to leave when I collect him. I never have a second thought about him going as I can tell he gets just as much love and care as when he is at home and they are very meticulous when it comes to hygiene and sanitisation. J was 6 weeks premature so still had a bit of catching up to do when he started but he has come on leaps and bounds since attending Mucky Munchkins with all the dedication that the girls put into caring for the children. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough and am very thankful that we chose Mucky Munchkins

Choosing a nursery can be a daunting experience with so many different choices and worries! We looked at several nurseries around the Bolton area and initially had our oldest listed at the nursery where we work. When we did our final visit there we didn’t feel comfortable and frantically looked around for another nursery. One us of us almost left work instead! That’s when we found mucky munchkins! As soon as we walked in we knew it was the place we wanted our little boy to attend. The immediate warmth, kindness and happiness we felt was reassuring and made a stressful situation much calmer. The staff really care and we are always well informed. The rooms are very open, bright and clean and there is a lot of outdoor space, which a lot of other nurseries don’t have. The relationships our son has made with the staff is amazing, and he still talks loving about his key worker in the baby room (he’s now 4). Our youngest was born just before the pandemic and we were really worried about how he would settle as had never been held by anybody else or been without us. We met the staff with him outside of nursery hours to minimise the covid risks and even though he was a little shy he soon started playing. He has settled in really well and is flourishing. I feel our boys are safe and secure within nursery and we can go to work without worrying! I will be sad when our eldest goes to school as nursery has been such an important aspect of his and our lives! I would highly recommend Mucky Munchkins to anybody looking for a nursery.

After working at Mucky Munchkins Childcare for two years I knew it was the perfect place for my little boy but as all parents are when sending there children to nursery for the first time I was anxious for both me and him but it’s the best thing I have ever done. G loves it at nursery and gets so much out of his time there, his speech has come on rapidly since starting and he has formed clear attachments with all staff and children. I’m so grateful for everything Mucky Munchkins does for us, I couldn’t picture us anywhere else thank you for everything

Our little girl started Mucky Munchkins in September 2019 when she was almost 2 years old. We were hesitant to start with as she hadn’t been without us for long periods of time. However the staff put us completely at ease and she settled in really quickly. She is now 3 years old and the progress that she has made since attending nursery is just phenomenal. She is much more confident and her language skills have seen a huge improvement.

All the staff are loving, supportive and nurture our little girl in all the ways possible. The communication we receive regarding our daughter is exceptional and the app is brilliant for us to see what she gets up to on a daily basis. The facilities at the nursery are fantastic and the large fields the children get to play on is a huge bonus. Our daughter is a fussy eater but Tracey the cook must work wonders as she now eats most things.

I would recommend Mucky Munchkins to any parents looking for a nurturing environment for their little one.

Many thanks to Jen, Clare, Chloe and all the dedicated team who make such a difference to the life of our precious little girl.

Our daughter joined January 2020 and she just settled in so quickly thanks to the Tiny Stars staff. Unfortunately Covid then came but once S could go back in again, the staff were amazing with helping her settling in again and S always leaves nursery so happy at the end of the day. We can see how much she is developing and it’s definitely down to nursery.

The Family app which is used is great as it details everything from meals, naps and the photo observations are the highlight of my day.

Also, the outdoor space for the kids is wonderful for them to play in.

S has just moved up to the next room – Little Stars – and again, the staff have been wonderful and S has settled in no problem. Thank you Mucky Munchkins!

After having my daughter I had my heart set on a childminder as I felt it was more personal. Due to covid etc I decided to look at nursery’s. I looked at various and none compared to Mucky Munchkins, not even close.

The staff are just so lovely and the communication via the Famly app is incredible. I know exactly what my daughter is up to, down to the very last detail of what she’s eaten. It is so reassuring as it’s the hardest thing leaving your child so them daily updates are just fantastic

The setting is also beautiful. Couldn’t recommend more

Since T started nursery in September we have been so pleased with all aspects of Mucky Munchkins. There was lots of contact and photos when T was settling in which helped me as I was nervous at the start!

The staff are amazing, always approachable and keep us updated on T’s days and progress with photos, observations and quick chats at pick up time despite the challenges of covid. The app is great.

The activities and learning they do is great but most importantly T is very happy there. Would recommend to any parent

Absolutely amazing nursery, when F was five months old me and my husband started looking for nursery’s, we visited so many and was disappointed. We then came across mucky munchkins and I was so happy the staff were very welcoming and friendly the rooms were clean. I was happy to place my sons care in their hands.

He is now 3 years old and still attends, F has come on so much the staff are supportive of his needs, caring and prompt his independence. I would not trust anyone else!

Would highly recommend Mucky Munchkins to all parents.

Thank you for the amazing work you do.

Fantastic Nursery!! I feel I have got to know all the staff very well, they are incredible, they truly care for my daughter. The communication with both staff and management is second to none more importantly, my daughter absolutely loves going and all the activities they offer, especially the outdoor area. Thank you

I was so stressed about choosing a nursery for my little boy and with Mucky Munchkins being just around the corner it made sense to have a look around. The staff made us feel welcome straight away and even invited K to have a little play whilst we spoke. K has settled in really well and I absolutely love seeing all the pictures during the day of him having a good time! It gives me peace of mind whilst I’m at work that he is in good hands and enjoying himself. K’s face absolutely lights up as soon as he see’s his key worker Nicole’s face in a morning.

It’s such a difficult decision choosing a nursery, Mucky Munchkins matched our requirements and we are so pleased we chose here, our little girl has just started & loves it! The daily updates on the app I know she’s in a great learning environment & eating a wide range of healthy foods, among children her own age. She’s always eager to go in the morning & full of smiles when we pick her up at night! Can’t wait to see her exploring your exciting outdoor space! Thank you to the whole team for getting to know her & making my retuning to work a lot easier knowing how happy she is.

My daughter has been attending Mucky Munchkins for 10 months now and absolutely loves going. The staff are all friendly and really care about the children. They do so many activities with them and fun things. The communication with parents is fantastic and I love the fact I can check in on her at anytime and see what she’s been up to on the app. I highly reccomend this nursery.

Choosing a nursery is a stressful decision but as soon as we visited we immediately knew it was right for N (it’s the nursery I wish I could go to instead of work)

The setting is great, the staff are brilliant and the range of activities they do is helping develop N and of course the best thing is he loves going! From early days tears to now I am lucky if I get a wave or glance back as he runs inside! The app means we know all about his day and love seeing the photos of what they have been doing, would recommend to anyone looking for a place for their precious little one to grow and develop.

It’s always a huge decision to put your child into the care of ‘strangers’ but from the moment we walked in to look around we felt at ease. The staff are so welcoming and have the time to talk to you. We have felt that nothing is to much, we get daily updates on how our little one is doing which is lovely.

The main reason we know this nursery is special is because C is happy, excited and can’t wait to tell us all about her day when we pick her up!

The staff plan some amazing and engaging activities to help our little one learn and develop.

We are so happy we picked Mucky Munchkins for our girl!

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Jen, Claire and the team at Mucky Munchkins. My little boy started a week ago and already seems to have settled right in. Im really happy with the regular updates and photos that they send throughout the day, makes my day much easier knowing my little boy is happy and enjoying his day. Thanks again to you all, looking forward to the rest of his time with you.

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