Choosing a nursery can be a daunting experience with so many different choices and worries! We looked at several nurseries around the Bolton area and initially had our oldest listed at the nursery where we work. When we did our final visit there we didn’t feel comfortable and frantically looked around for another nursery. One us of us almost left work instead! That’s when we found mucky munchkins! As soon as we walked in we knew it was the place we wanted our little boy to attend. The immediate warmth, kindness and happiness we felt was reassuring and made a stressful situation much calmer. The staff really care and we are always well informed. The rooms are very open, bright and clean and there is a lot of outdoor space, which a lot of other nurseries don’t have. The relationships our son has made with the staff is amazing, and he still talks loving about his key worker in the baby room (he’s now 4). Our youngest was born just before the pandemic and we were really worried about how he would settle as had never been held by anybody else or been without us. We met the staff with him outside of nursery hours to minimise the covid risks and even though he was a little shy he soon started playing. He has settled in really well and is flourishing. I feel our boys are safe and secure within nursery and we can go to work without worrying! I will be sad when our eldest goes to school as nursery has been such an important aspect of his and our lives! I would highly recommend Mucky Munchkins to anybody looking for a nursery.

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